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Senior leadership team

David Grossman

Chief Executive Officer

David has held the role of Chief Executive since the formation of Simplify in March 2019. Prior to that he served as Chief Executive of The Simplify Group, one of the predecessor businesses to Simplify.

Michelle Cemm

Chief People Officer

Michelle joined Simplify as Chief People Officer in October 2020 and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Robert Matson

Chief Finance Officer

Robert joined The Simplify Group in 2018 following six years at McMillan Williams as its CFO.

Dev Malle

Chief Business Officer

As Chief Business Development Officer, dev is responsible for the organisation’s growth strategy. Prior to this role Dev held the position of the Group Distribution Director at My Home Move.

Kevin Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin became Simplify’s COO for Conveyancing Delivery in 2019, after holding several leadership roles within The Simplify Group. Kevin has over 35 years of experience in conveyancing.

Ben Greco

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is responsible for building key relationships to develop and improve customer experience to generate growth for clients. Before this Ben led the property sales and panel conveyancing business for Move with Us.

Mark Montgomery

Chief Strategy Officer

Prior to becoming Chief Strategy Officer at Simplify, Mark led the original investment with My Home Move in 2000, eventually joining the business in 2007 as its Commercial Director.

David Matthewman

Chief Information Officer

David is Simplify’s CIO; a position he previously held at The Simplify Group, having joined them in 2018. David has held IT and business operations roles in many sectors including property, financial services, insurance, education and digital government.

Supportive: We’re able to talk to the whole team and get support quickly. Our teams are set-up to help us.

Jade Try
CCT Leicester

Efficient: if estate agents or solicitors ask us to do something; we get it done.

Donna Bigs
Move with Us

Proactive: Looking ahead getting things done before we’re asked.

Joseph Denham
CCT Leicester

Family: Our Managers are supportive people who come with solutions.

Farhat Mahmood Ahmed
CTW Eltham

eWay: Its very convenient and efficient, being always connected makes it really easy.

Kavi Chauhan
PPL Leicecter

One big family – our extended family we work with each we celebrate with each other.

Shrikant Simplify
Simplify India