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Featured article: Modern Law Magazine (Issue 61)

Group Marketing Director, Mark Howell, talks about Simplify’s trailblazing Trainee Conveyancer Academy…

Conveyancing is a great career path to follow, offering great opportunities to gain legal qualifications, enjoy financial stability and achieve aspirations like buying a house, getting a better car, or taking regular holidays abroad.

It’s also a richly rewarding career that gives conveyancing professionals the satisfaction of making a tangible difference to people’s lives by improving the home-buying process. But perhaps too few school leavers and university graduates know that conveyancing is a potential career route for them. Why is that?

There are a number of factors, such of lack of visibility and misleading perceptions about the nature of the work and industry. But the one which stands out is that there’s an assumption – a wrong one – that you need prior legal experience and even qualifications to pursue a conveyancing career.

At a time when young people are demanding more fulfilling careers that make a real difference to people’s lives, Simplify is blazing a trail – and offering ambitious people to blaze their own – with its Trainee Conveyancer Academy. This six-week-long programme sets aspiring conveyancers off on a journey towards a truly fulfilling career and full legal qualifications within three or four years.

The only prerequisites we have for joining the programme are that participants have a real appetite to learn and, above all else, care. They must care about the programme, conveyancing, the people they’re learning alongside, future colleagues, and the customers they’ll be serving in the future.

Ultimately, they must buy into our values and our ambition. Namely, that we want to create a nation of happy movers by improving the experience and reducing stress for everyone involved in the home-purchasing process.

And the beauty of having a launch platform like Simplify’s Trainee Conveyancer Academy is that progression doesn’t just stop once participants have qualified. The sky’s the limit, as we help our learners forge a path towards more technical and managerial roles, and even towards ‘Head of’ and ‘Director of’ roles.

“Trainee Conveyancer Academy is a manifestation of the flexible and supportive culture we have at Simplify”

In a way, our trailblazing Trainee Conveyancer Academy is a manifestation of the flexible and supportive culture we have at Simplify, and the culture we’re building towards. We’re not there yet – we’re very much on a journey – but we want Simplify to be an environment where people can thrive, enjoy real work-life balance, feel fulfilled, be their authentic selves and achieve personal goals.