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Featured article: Modern Law Magazine (Issue 60)

Simplify’s Group Marketing Director, Mark Howell talks about… Technology That Puts People First.

Flexible technology is essential for any organisation looking to thrive in a fast-moving landscape in which stakeholder needs must constantly be met.

Technology has as critical a role to play in overcoming challenges and obstacles as it does generating demand and developing new markets. Just think, for instance, how much ‘ways of working’ have rapidly changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Initially, businesses found methods to keep their people working by embracing video call and collaborative technology. Yet, organisations of all shapes and sizes soon began suffering from internal system breakdowns and from a lack of capabilities to give their customers what they needed. Not to mention burnout from workforces given limited guidance or protection when it came to the blurring of company and personal time.

Will new challenges emerge as businesses transition from remote working to hybrid? If so, how will technology overcome them?

And then there are the obstacles that often become apparent during growth. Without the right technology infrastructure in place to meet needs arising from new sales and expansion, organisations could end up with highly stressed teams that fail to satisfy customer demands.

Successful acquisitions and mergers are also increasingly dependent upon flexible technologies that minimise friction or disruption and enable new teams to work together at their best.

So, what does this all mean for businesses looking to invest in future technologies?

For one thing, it’s about understanding where to invest. Does this new investment fit your strategic direction and focus? And will your stakeholders adapt?

Change may be inevitable, but it’s critical to understand the impact new technology can have on colleagues, customers and your business. You must put them and their needs ahead of new technology for new technology’s sake.

“it’s critical to understand the impact new technology can have on colleagues, customers and your business”

To put this into context, Simplify’s ambition is to ‘simplify moving’. Having an ambition is important because it helps inform everything we do, based on a set of values which determine what we believe in. In Simplify’s case, our values are ‘Inspire, Innovate and Care’.

It’s vital that we constantly remind ourselves of these values because they keep the needs of our customers and colleagues front-and-centre in our minds.

Flexible technology has a huge part to play here. By continually developing new technologies and adopting more intelligent uses of data, we reduce stress in the moving process and improve the experience for everyone, from our colleagues to introducers to end customers.