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Featured article: Define what is critical to your success!

In Modern Law magazine issue 59, Simplify’s Chief People Officer, Michelle Cemm discusses how to… Define what is critical to your success!

Success can mean many things in a personal or business context, from adding shareholder value to achieving personal happiness.

What is clear to me is that defining success is an individual decision, business or personal.

At Simplify, achieving success is, to a large degree, defined by our ambition and values. They are clear, concise, easy to understand, and provide the framework for behaviours and consistent culture. Vitally important when you have over 2,000 people across multiple locations.

We are a diverse business and know that success has many faces for individuals. This diversity doesn’t stop us from focusing on our business objectives, but it does mean we can recognise and adapt to individuals. We have recently embarked on a leadership learning programme providing people managers with the tools to support colleagues so they can be the best they can be whilst being their authentic selves at work.

As chief people officer at Simplify, I’m constantly looking at how we can ensure we build success for everyone. Differences and diversity matter; the more successful our colleagues are, the more we will improve customer satisfaction and drive business success.

Achieving a thriving culture is powerful in attracting the best talent, creating a virtuous winning circle of success for everyone.

We know that we aren’t perfect, far from it, but by being clear about what drives us and where we are on that journey, we can act to improve things. This clarity enables personal as well as business success to happen.

Getting things right for our colleagues will, in turn, mean that our customers receive outstanding care and ultimately deliver business success.

Be clear about what defines success for your business and your people, and you will have started on the path to success.

Michelle Cemm
Chief People Officer, Simplify