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Featured article: Bring your company values alive

Mark Howell, Group Marketing Director, discusses the importance of bringing company values to life and what they mean to Simplify in issue 62 of Modern Law magazine.

Every thriving company culture has a clear set of core values that supports the organisational purpose and guides people on how the business expects them to behave.

These values should encourage positive behaviour, and discourage anything that impinges on the internal working environment or external dealings with stakeholders.

In Simplify’s case, the core values that define our culture are ‘Inspire’, ‘Innovate’ and ‘Care’.

Inspire: our expertise in conveyancing and sales inspires confidence and trust for customers.

Innovate: our creativity and passion make delivering positive change-making property transactions easier.

Care: our approach and support mean customers and colleagues feel valued.

These values aren’t simply hollow words emblazoned on office walls or aimlessly thrown about on our intranet, we strive to live by these shared values every day and make them apparent in everything we do.

So how does our culture play its part in making sure these values are brought to life?

Firstly, we acknowledge that the conveyancing market has been challenging for the past couple of years, and will continue to be so in what will be a tough year ahead. With that being the case, it’s vital that we continue to invest in our business and in building a great place to work; one that puts not only customers, but also colleagues, at the heart of everything we do.

This means being clear about our strategy and purpose, continually strengthening our proposition and giving colleagues access to the best processes, technology, and expertise to perform at their best.

It’s also vital that we continue to create a great and diverse environment that champions positive behaviours shaped by our values, offers colleagues flexibility, looks after their needs and safeguards their wellbeing.

Above all, we want our colleagues to be happy and proud to work for Simplify, not least because we know that the happier our people are, the likelier they are to deliver great service to customers.

Do we always get it right? No, of course not. Culture is something all of us get right most of the time, but which none of us gets right all the time.

But what we can say is that we are very much headed in the right direction, committed to continuously improving, and aspiring to be the best we can be.